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CE Mark Approval for Comfort Marker 2.0


CE Mark Approval for Comfort Marker 2.0

Coralville, Iowa, (August 20, 2020) – CIVCO Radiotherapy, the leading global provider of high quality, innovative, patient-centric radiotherapy solutions today announced the CE Mark approval for Comfort Marker 2.0 by Medical Precision B.V., an innovative marking system that applies patient reference points exactly, easily and with less pain than current patient marking systems such as tattoos. This new system applies the reference points in a controlled manner to a shallow depth in the skin’s upper dermis which results in less pain for the patient. The reference points will completely fade over time or can be removed easily by simple laser treatment. In addition, the fast, clean, and disposable needle module minimizes the risk of needle stick incidents, providing patients and clinicians a safer environment. CIVCO is the exclusive worldwide distributor of this unique technology.

“We have been partnering with Medical Precision B.V. for over two years to bring this disruptive, innovative solution to patients around the world. The CE Mark approval of Comfort Marker 2.0 is an important milestone in our journey by improving comfort and long-term outcomes for patients in the European market. Patients will experience less pain and, in the long term, will not have a permanent daily reminder of their treatment,” said Nat Geissel, president of CIVCO Radiotherapy.

“This is a substantial milestone for our company and marks our commercial entrance into the marketplace for radiotherapy markings,” said Roland Kortenhorst-Maas, COO and CFO of Medical Precision B.V. “The CE Mark approval of the Comfort Marker 2.0 and partnership with CIVCO allows us to reach a broader patient base and provide patient-centric thinking that is the core of our company.”

Medical Precision BV was established by Annelies Maas-Kortenhorst and Roland Kortenhorst-Maas in Zwolle, Netherlands. The Comfort Marker 2.0 is currently not available for sale in the U.S.

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