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Adaptiiv 3D Printing Software

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Reduce Risk. Improve Precision.

A regulated, in-house software solution to create 3D printed patient-specific radiotherapy accessories, effectively improving treatment delivery and patient experience.

Adaptiiv has enabled us to confidently tackle situations where we would normally struggle to apply bolus. The benefit has already been seen in reduced setup times, improved patient comfort and reproducibility. The ability to print the precise bolus required for electrons or photons is a powerful tool in an RT department.

Ciaran Malone, Medical Physicist Saint Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, Dublin, Ireland

Modulated Electron Bolus

A custom, optimized bolus design that provides modulation of the electron beam to conform the prescription isodose to the PTV, sparing the underlying normal tissues.

  • Standard electron field with uniform thickness bolus (left). Same electron field (as left image) with modulated electron bolus, as designed by Adaptiiv software.

    Optimized bolus design tailors dose distribution while maintaining conformal fit to the patient’s anatomy

  • Reduction in air gapsImproved sparing of healthy tissue and organs-at-risk (OARs)
  • Allows users to reduce peaks near hotspot regions (contoured in the TPS) and provide a homogeneous dose distribution
  • Eliminates the need for complex, wax bolus that is difficult to produce and can be easily damaged
  • Significant savings in fabrication time
  • Improved patient care


Uniform Thickness Bolus

A fully validated solution for use with photon or electron radiotherapy. Direct integration with the TPS allows users to verify their plan against the patient-specific bolus prior to 3D printing. Patient-specific fit reduces air gaps and resultant surface dose uncertainty.

  • Nasal Case: Standard fit bolus (left). Air gaps are significantly reduced using 3D printed bolus (right).

    Optimized fabrication process through in-house 3D printing

  • Centers can allocate resources more efficiently and treat more patientsCleaving function allows users to easily cleave an accessory into two parts, at any angle
  • In vivo dosimetry function allows users to automatically create and print dosimeter pockets directly within an accessory
  • Cropping function ensures a smooth adhesion to the print bed
  • Smoothing function improves patient comfort
  • Patient ID tag function identifies which patient the accessory belongs to, making it easier to use for multiple treatment fractions.

HDR Surface Brachytherapy

Allows users to create patient-specific applicators that have hollow catheter trajectories printed directly into the structure. This highly customizable surface applicator provides a superior dose distribution compared to other common techniques.

  • Point and click software functions enable the user to create customizable catheter trajectories that are specific to the patient’s anatomy and treatment plan
  • Replaces the need for expensive applicators (i.e. Frieburg Flap)
  • Software optimization eliminates the need for labor-intensive, manual fabrication methods
  • Conformal fit provides better comfort for the patient
  • Enhanced catheter tunnel algorithm improves the way tunnels are generated
  • Users can import the new applicator design back into the brachytherapy TPS to conduct dose re-calculations.


New features of Adaptiiv software version 3.0

3D Structure Visualization
3D viewing of the PTV and OARs (or other underlying structures) when planning and creating custom brachytherapy tunnels

‘Brachy Curvature’ mode
For cases with highly curved surfaces, such as a scalp, our new ‘curvature mode’ enables better tunnel positioning to maintain appropriate inter-trajectory distances

Tunnel Shortening
Users are now able to remove nodes and stop a tunnel at any designated point along the planned catheter trajectory

Tunnel Countersinks
Users are now able to soften the entry/exit points for easier catheter placement by widening the points in the applicator tunnels

Tunnel Labelling
Users can now place tunnel labels directly into the 3D printed applicator

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