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Vac-Lok™ Accessories

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TD-FL9844 Vac-Lok™ Accessories - Helping Hands Helping Hands
MTVLTAG Vac-Lok™ Accessories - ID Tags ID Tags
MTVL3SR Vac-Lok™ Accessories - Storage Rack, Stacked Rail Storage Rack, Stacked Rail
MTVL401 Vac-Lok™ Accessories - Storage Rack, Double Wide Storage Rack, Double Wide
MTVL402 Vac-Lok™ Accessories - Casters for MTVL401 (4 pcs) Casters for MTVL401 (4 pcs)
MTVLHOOK Vac-Lok™ Accessories - "S" Hooks (10 pcs)
TD-FL9844 Vac-Lok™ Accessories - Slide Guide Lok-Bar Slide Guide Lok-Bar
TD-FL9844 Vac-Lok™ Accessories - Slide Guide Lok-Bar Transverse Slide Guide Lok-Bar Transverse


Helping Hands™

The Helping Hands Cushion Manager is designed to help handle large-size Vac-Lok cushions that tend to hang off the
couch during the forming process. This product has not been CE marked.
MTVLHH150 150 cm long

I.D. Tags

Color-coded tags provide quick identification of patient cushions. Tags are available in assorted colors and include
tie strings.
MTVLTAG Pack of 25 Tags, Assorted Colors

Storage Racks

These space saving racks hold molded & inflated cushions. Plastic “S” hooks are available for hanging cushions.
MTVL3SR Storage Rack, Stacked Rail
MTVL401 Storage Rack, Double Wide
MTVL402 Casters for MTVL401, Qty 4
MTVLHOOK “S” Hooks, Qty 10.

Slide Guide Lok-Bar

The Slide Guide Lok-Bar does not lock down to the indexing points along the couchtop but slides longitudinally along the
couchtop. It is designed to prevent lateral movement and is useful for longer devices such as bellyboards, breastboards
and Vac-Lok Cushions, which contract during forming.
MTIL1006 Transverse

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Helping Hands, ID Tags, Storage Rack, Stacked Rail, Storage Rack, Double Wide, Casters for MTVL401 (4 pcs), "S" Hooks (10 pcs), Slide Guide Lok-Bar, Slide Guide Lok-Bar Transverse


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