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Head & Neck

Enhanced Positioning & Immobilization

There are three essential components to a head & neck system:
1: Thermoplastic masks, providing positioning and immobilization from imaging through treatment
2: Headrests, providing enhanced repositioning, accuracy and patient comfort
3: Extensions, Baseplates or Overlays, providing the foundation for the system.
Type-S Patient Positioning System
The Type-S system was designed for IMRT and conformal treatments and is intended to provide minimal attenuation throughout 360° of treatment angles. Type-S thermoplastics offer the greatest variety of patterns and materials
and the convenience of a continuous frame allows easier handling during setup. The Type-S system is compatible with the Solstice’ SRS and Solstat Immobilization Systems, Customizable Head Support, Silverman Headrests, Type-S Vac-Lok and can be used with Posifix® headrests via an adapter.