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Thermoplastic Now Compatible with Dry Heat Oven


Thermoplastic Now Compatible with Dry Heat Oven

We are pleased to announce that CIVCO’s Standard White Thermoplastics (including IMRT Reinforced™ types with special designs and Thermoplastic Strips), Posicast®, Mastercast™ Pro, FirmFit™, HipFix® and Breast Support Thermoplastics are now compatible with a Dry Heat Oven and Waterbath per the times and temperatures noted in the IFU. These material types are used with CIVCO’s four head & neck systems, including Type-S™, Posifix®, Uni-frame® and ProForm™.

View PDF: Thermoplastic Compatibility With Dry Heat Oven

View PDF: CIVCO Thermoplastic Times & Temperatures

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