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Universal Couchtop Compatibility

Universal Couchtop Compatibility

UC Long Extension

CT Compatibility  Linac Compatibility 
GE Discovery STMTIL6341Varian TrueBeam
GE VCT1700MTIL6343Varian Exact® couch for Clinac© and Trilogy® SystemsMTIL6140
GE VCT 2000MTI L6343Varian Exact couch for Clinac and Trilogy Systems with ProturaMTIL6141
GE HiSpeedMTIL6341ElektaMTIL6240
Philips BrillianceMTIL6440Siemens TXT or ProturaMTIL6040
Philips BrillianceMTIL6042Siemens ZXTMTI L6041
Siemens Definition MPT CradleMTIL6045
Siemens Definition PHS 1
A/B Cradle
Siemens Definition PHS 4MTIL6046
Siemens Somatom SensationMTI L6043
Canon Aquilion (formerly Toshiba)MTI L6540
Canon Aquilion (formerly Toshiba)MTIL6541
Couchtop with 53.1″ (134.9 cm) Rectangle Extension, Prodigy 2 Lok-Bar and Wall Storage Device (MTIL6100SU, holds one extension). Pedestal side only purchasing options are available. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
Universal Couchtop Long Extensions have been validated on TrueBeam, VitalBeam & Edge. CIVCO positioning and immobilization devices have not been validated with TrueBeam, VitalBeam or Edge and Varian is not liable for use of these products. Universal Couchtop has not been validated on HyperArc.

UC 1 Piece

CT Compatibility  Linac Compatibility 
GE Discovery STMTIL6321Varian Exact® couch for Clinac© and Trilogy® SystemsMTIL6120
GE Global 1700MTIL6322Trilogy Systems with Protura’MTIL6121
GE Global 2000MTIL6323ElektaMTIL6220
GE HiSpeedMTIL6320Siemens TxT or ProturaMTIL6020
Philips BrillianceMTIL6420Siemens ZXTMTIL6021
Siemens BiographMTIL6022
Siemens Definition PHS 1 A/B CradleMTIL6024
Siemens Definition PHS 4 CradleMTIL6026
Siemens Somatom SensationMTIL6023
Canon Aquilion (formerly Toshiba)MTIL6520
Canon Aquilion One (formerly Toshiba)MTIL6521
FujiFilm FTC EmbraceContact FujiFilm
The Universal Couchtop 1 Piece is an ideal IGRT and SBRT solution with a uniform design and no junctions. This couchtop offers a dosimetricaly matched couchtop for most major CT and Linac models.