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Body Pro-Lok ONE™

The Body Pro-Lok ONE, Body Pro-Lok and Rails-Only Systems provide an easy-to-use modular system for complex SBRT setups, including unique design features allowing for improved patient positioning and compression.

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BPL230 Body Pro-Lok ONE™ - BPL230 BPL230
BPL100 Body Pro-Lok ONE™ - BPL100 BPL100
BPL110 Body Pro-Lok ONE™ - BPL110 BPL110
BPL200 Body Pro-Lok ONE™ - BPL200 BPL200
BPL210 Body Pro-Lok ONE™ - BPL210 BPL210


Customizable, Efficient, Reproducible

The Body Pro-Lok ONE™, Body Pro-Lok and Rails-Only Systems provide an easy-to-use modular system for complex SBRT setups, including unique design features allowing for improved patient positioning and compression. Each system provides full body immobilization for hypofractionation treatments and allows customized setups to meet the patient’s needs, including two options (plate or belt) for reducing respiratory motion.

We have become a referral center for SBRT patients and have employed CIVCO’s Body Pro-Lok system for several years. It is my opinion that reproducible immobilization and abdominal compression is vital to assist in accurate targeting of lung cancers and other localized tumors. We recently upgraded our Body Pro-Lok system to the new Body Pro-Lok ONE and added a second complete system. We find it to be more flexible and efficient, especially with larger patients, without sacrificing the precision I demand.”

Ronald C. McGarry, M.D., Ph. D. University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

Body Pro-Lok ONE Respiratory Restriction

Body Pro-Lok ONE provides one simple solution for complex SBRT patient setups. This system features the ONEBridge, with unique design features allowing for improved patient positioning and compression plate restriction.

ONEBridge with Wide or Standard Respiratory Plate

  • Variable height adjustment with just one bridge
  • Lateral offset ability allows the bridge and plate to adapt to the patient’s natural posture and body type
  • Tilting offset ability allows optimal patient positioning for enhanced gantry clearance
  • Advanced latch engineered to release in less than 3 seconds for patient safety
  • The Respiratory Plate places pressure at the level of the diaphragm to assist in restricting respiratory movement

Wide Plate & ComfortCare Cushion

• Helps diffuse pressure across the abdominal region resulting in a more tolerable compression for the patient
• ComfortCare Cushions provide an added dimension of customized comfort, forming to the contours of the patient

ONE Respiratory Belt

  • Provides pneumatic compression and immobilization to the abdominal region for SBRT treatments
Body Pro-Lok ONE Integration
Universal Couchtop
Body Pro-Lok ONE positioning devices connect to the Universal Couchtop, allowing customized setups with bridges that secure directly to couchtop. The Universal Couchtop is available for Linac and CT, providing an environment in simulation that is reproducible and dosimetrically matched in treatment.
Comprehensive Accessory PackagesUCTevo
ONEBridge Storage Base11
Standard Respiratory Plate11
Clam-Lok Cushion22
Kneefix 3 Cushion11
Feetfix 3 Cushion11
Monarch' Overhead Arm Positioner01
T-Shape Vac-Lok01
Body Pro-Lok ONE evo Adapter02 pair
Universal Couchtop profile and indexing options provide for seamless integration of CIVCO's positioning devices. Indexing holes and Transverse Lok-BarTM allow lateral offset of platform for optimal clearance. Kevlar material is MR Safe, lightweight and 72" long.
ONEPlatform PackagesOneTwo
ONEPlatform w/ four 3-pin Lok-BarsQTY 1QTY 1
ONEBridge Storage Base12
Body Pro-Lok ONE Respiratory Belt11
Standard Respiratory Plate11
Clam-Lok Cushion12
Kneefix 3 Cushion11
Feetfix 3 Cushion11
Elekta iBEAM®evo Couchtop
• ONEBridge and ONE Respiratory Belt are compatible via a special adapter

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BPLONEUPG3, BPL230, BPL100, BPL110, BPL200, BPL210


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